CISCA Convention 2020 Education Sessions

Construction professionals, no matter what their industry or role, are finding themselves buried in work and without an escape hatch. In order to be effective at work, the first priority is to find ways to cope with, and conquer, the onslaught. This year we have selected speakers to help us identify better ways to manage our often too-overwhelming professional and personal lives.

Tuesday, March 24th
“The Power of Feedback to Move Forward”

By Cindy Schwarz

Tuesday, March 24th
8:30am – Noon

Clear, purposeful conversations are indispensable to leadership at any level. No organization can build and develop without timely, meaningful feedback and coaching practices. However, conducting these types of interactions is one of the most challenging aspects of leadership. Poor feedback and coaching skills can wreak havoc in a workplace that requires cooperation and communication across GCs, subcontractors, vendors, distributors and every other party to a large construction project.

In Cindy Schwarz’ dynamic session, we will explore how excellent coaching can be established in order to create a culture of positive feedback. It’s all about communicating not to be right, but to get it right.

Wednesday, March 25th
“Getting the Best of Stress: How Uncontrolled Stress Kills Productivity”

By Tim Connor

Wednesday, March 25th
8:30am – 9:40am

Uncontrolled stress is the single biggest factor that contributes to poor decisions, inappropriate behavior, inconsistent and confusing communication and poor productivity. Whether you are a business owner, executive or employee – if the stressors in your life are not positively managed you will sooner or later experience the negative consequences of this behavior. During this session Tim discusses the major stressors that influence employee’s behavior and how to reduce them, manage them or eliminate them.

“The Five Reasons People Quit Too Soon”

By Jeff Scanlan

Wednesday, March 25th
9:45am – 10:55am

People quit too soon in almost every aspect of life. We typically do less than we could do, almost always do less than we should do and certainly do less than we want to do. It’s human nature. Jeff Scanlan believes that people can achieve a lot more simply by doing a little bit more and sticking with something a little bit longer. In his presentation “The Five Reasons Why People Quit Too Soon and How To Stop Doing It,” Jeff will show how those five reasons show up in both our business and personal lives. He’ll share practical tools necessary to work through challenges so that we stop quitting too soon and start achieving more than we thought possible.

“Economic Forecast”

By Bob Treadway

Wednesday, March 25th

Bob Treadway returns for his highly anticipated annual Economic Forecast. Bob possesses a unique ability to integrate forecasts for effective strategy development. As one executive put it recently, “Your workshop, in just one short hour, helped the audience with HOW to think about their own businesses in the future.” Join us for this always popular session.